16 Questions to ask at the end of the interview

End of Interview Questions

As much as it is for the interviewer to see you as a fitting candidate for the role, it is important for you to assess whether you want to take up the role. Asking smart, well thought out questions at the end of the interview is always a good thing to do since it gives you the opportunity to clear your apprehensions about the company and the position, and also projects you as genuinely interested in the job.

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How to Ace the Behavioural Interview

Behavioural Interview

The behavioural interview is all about story telling. Go, sell yourself!

In a behavioural interview session, the interviewer will ask penetrating questions about your background. Through these questions, he/she would determine if your personality fits the demands of the job profile. This is done by learning about how you acted in certain situations in the past, and thus assessing the likelihood of you being able to handle specific work situations in future.

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Resume preparedness for interviews


Having cleared the recruiter’s 6 second test and securing an interview, it is essential that you make a good first impression on the employer. This will need some ground work. Your weapon here is your resume and you must remember to sharpen the edges. Your resume needs to be flawless and you should be fluent with what you’ve mentioned in there. The following points will make your endeavour a lot easier:

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