3 Ways to Attract the Employer's Curiosity with Resume Interests

3 Ways to Attract the Employer's Curiosity with Resume Interests

Resume Interests

While writing a resume, we all have to go that extra mile. Not just to make sure our accomplishments are in place, but also to craft our interests accurately.

"I love travelling, taking photographs and long walks on the beach." Let's admit it - we've all been there. However, finding interesting things to say about yourself isn't that easy. Most experts say that listing your hobbies or interests in the resume isn't essential. However, as a matter of fact, IT IS! It might just be the next thing that will catch the employers attention and land you an interview.

However, before you choose to add a list of interests, know these 3 things:

When to include a list of hobbies on your resume?

An organization isn't looking for a set of robots to sit and work the entire day. They need someone who will blend with their work culture. Organizations are moving towards more number of employee engagement activities, and if it lies within your interest, you're hired! Furthermore, organizations can be hiring people gauging their fun side too.

For Eg: Google hires people who are open and playful

What hobbies work best in a resume?

Your hobbies and interests convey an important message to the hiring manager. They say a lot about you as an individual. Thus, choose the ones that interest the employer and convey a lot about yourself.

Know what most common interests can mean -

  • Individual Sports (Marathon Running) - You're fit and you enjoy challenges.
  • Team Sports (Basketball) - You excel at teamwork and have leadership skills.
  • Extreme Sports (Motocross) - A risk taker (bad for desk jobs).
  • Tech Hobbies (Computing) - Tech savvy and introverted (not great for social jobs).
  • Puzzles (Crosswords) - You're an analytical thinker with problem-solving skills.
  • Games (Chess) - You're an intelligent strategist.
  • Social Hobbies (Mentoring) - You communicate well and connect with others.

How to add examples of your hobbies and interests on your resume?

You may be a really talented individual and may want to add a lot of hobbies or interests on your resume. Hang on there, first of all, research about the company to check on their work culture. Would they find unique hobbies on your resume valuable?

Do a quick test -

Start with reading the job description. Most job offers will have a list of traits that companies want the employees to have.

Second, take a quick look around their website. Moreover, pay attention to any employee profiles.

Third, check social media accounts like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

End with checking out the company reviews on sites like Glassdoor.

Don't ignore your interests, they make a difference too. Work on customizing it - interest your employer!

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