Decoding Follow-Up Emails Post-Interview: FAQs Unveiled

Decoding Follow-Up Emails Post-Interview: FAQs Unveiled

Despite their importance, only a few individuals take the plunge and send follow-up emails after an interview. Jobseekers often grapple with doubts and questions on this front. Here's an attempt to demystify some common questions.

  1. When is the right time to dispatch a follow-up email post-interview?Timing is key in the realm of follow-up emails. You don't want to come off as too eager or bothersome, but you also don't want to seem disinterested. HR veterans recommend sending a follow-up within 24-48 hours after the interview, striking while the iron is hot and your impression is fresh. If the interviewer provided a decision timeline, wait until then to send your follow-up.
  2. How do you politely inquire about the interview outcome?Feeling the anxiety of silence? No judgment here—I've been in that boat too. Once ample time has passed, thank the interviewer for their time, express ongoing interest, and politely ask about your application's status. For instance:

"I wanted to follow up on my interview last week and inquire about the status of my application. Do you have an estimated timeline for when a decision will be made?"

  1. How many follow-ups are too many?While follow-ups are beneficial, there's a fine line between persistence and annoyance. Limit your attempts to three or four emails, spaced out reasonably.
  2. What if there's no response after the interview?After the initial follow-up within 24-48 hours, follow up again after a week or two if there's no response. If silence persists, send a final follow-up expressing gratitude, inquire one last time, and consider shifting focus unless you receive a different indication.

Now, let's delve into crafting an effective follow-up email.

What to include in a post-interview follow-up email:

  • Clear subject line: Capture attention in a crowded inbox.
  • Gratitude: Start with appreciation for the interviewer's time.
  • Reiteration of interest: Affirm your ongoing interest in the position.
  • Qualification highlights: Remind them of your skills and qualifications.
  • Address concerns: If any issues arose during the interview, address them.
  • Additional information: Include any overlooked details.
  • Call to action (CTA): Express eagerness to hear back and offer further information if needed.

With this crash course, you're ready to master the art of interview follow-ups!

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