Five Tips To Ace That Zoom Job Interview

Five Tips To Ace That Zoom Job Interview

In today’s time, most interviews are Zoom interviews. Companies do this for multiple reasons: the organization has its head office located in another country or another city. Sometimes, due to the candidate unavailability and the urgency to fill in the position, employers immediately conduct a Zoom job interview.

People form first impressions when you meet them in person. However, first impressions can be made rapidly through a Zoom job interview as well. Just to make sure, you are giving your best at the Zoom job interview, follow these quick tips:

#1 Make sure you have an uninterrupted internet connectivity

The first thing to do before the Zoom call is to check on your internet connectivity. You require a seamless internet connection. An interrupted Zoom interview can have a negative effect and break the link of the interview discussion. So make sure, your internet is connected well and is functioning at a good speed. Use Wi-fi connection instead of the mobile data, since the mobile data often gets interrupted.

#2 Appropriately position your laptop or phone

Remember, the Zoom job interview isn’t any casual video call with your friend. Thus, it is important to know that you need to set your mobile phone on a stable surface where you are visibly clear. Avoid holding your phone in your hand, since you will end up moving it multiple times and it comes across as highly unprofessional.

#3 Use of wired/ wireless headphones

During a Zoom job interview, don’t rely on the microphone to communicate. Any possible disruption of the voice and the background sounds can lead to disturbances during the ongoing interview. Get your headphones ready in advance before scheduling the Zoom job interview.

#4 Non-Verbal Cues and Body Language

A Zoom job interview is nearly similar to a personal interview. Your interviewer can easily capture your body language and non-verbal cues through the video. Sit upright, and dress in formal attire. Make sure you are not walking around any corridor during the interview. Treat this as important as equal to a personal interview.

#5 Prepare and Request Feedback

Prepare well in advance and take a test call a day in advance with a friend. Make all the necessary preparations concerning the equipment as well as to the questions you are likely to counter at the actual interview. You will receive a glimpse of the actual interview. Once you're done with the interview, request feedback from your friend and appropriately make improvements.


5 Tips to Ace That Zoom Job Interview

  • Make sure you have uninterrupted internet connectivity
  • Appropriately position your laptop or phone
  • Use wired or wireless earphones
  • Non-verbal cues and body language
  • Prepare and request feedback

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