Follow 3 Simple Tips to Showcase Accomplishments in the Resume

Follow 3 Simple Tips to Showcase Accomplishments in the Resume

Resume Accomplishments

You find yourself in a dilemma when you are noting down the details of your work experience. What must you include? Commonly, this section is made up of bullet points that consist of your role performed at your workplace. Furthermore, it's an addition of your duties and responsibilities assigned to you. However, you want to ensure your resume is not an average resume. Thus, in addition to the action words, you must use numbers to quantify your resume accomplishments.

Here are 3 simple steps to showcase your accomplishments:

The PAR Method

To write down accomplishment - oriented bullet points, follow the simple PAR method -

Problem: Identify an issue or responsibility at your current workplace

Action: Discuss how you addressed the issue

Results: What was that outcome of that action?

If you think that's a lot to accommodate in one bullet point, the example illustrates how it can be done seamlessly.

For eg: Suggested a new tactic to persuade cancelling customers to stay with the company, resulting in a 5% decrease in cancellations

Quantify your Accomplishments on your Resume

There's no true evidence without providing numbers. Thus, even your employer has his/her eyes on your resume to watch out for those numbers. Just using jargons to express your accomplishments is no good. The game of numbers works magic!

By using numbers in detailing your work experience, you are demonstrating your focus as being results-oriented rather than task oriented. Thus, try to obtain as much data that will help you quantify your resume accomplishments. Moreover, use percentages, currency denominations and time to intensify your data.

For Eg: Replace “Responsible for selling products to customers at XYZ Store” to “Increased sales revenue by 30% in three months.”

Link Industry Examples to your Accomplishments

You could have gained experience across several different industries. Must you mention all? Well, if you have made a notable accomplishment in each - then why not? As a Sales Professional, you could have worked across several sectors. Moreover, adding every sale you made gives your employer a reason to hire you.

For Eg:

Information Technology

  • Consolidated multiple ticketing systems, improving communication and ticket turnover rate by 7%

Customer Service

  • Assist an average of 40 customers per day in finding or selecting items, and provided recommendations that generated $8K in additional revenue

If you have missed on your accomplishments till date, now is the time to go back, and refine them - put them down on your Resume!

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