Where Can I Go For Help With My Resume?

Where Can I Go For Help With My Resume?
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Before we get to where you can go for help with your resume, let’s understand why you need to get help in the first place.

You’ve probably tried your hand at drafting your own resume and aren’t pleased with the results - either it’s a bit of an eyesore, or you’re unsure of what to add (and what not to), or it simply seems very average and run-of-the-mill overall.

Fear not, you’re not the only one that’s bamboozled at the prospect! There are hundreds of thousands of overwhelmed folks out there resorting to professional help for making their resumes.

Resume writing is a specialized skill much like drafting a legal document, and can be especially difficult for a novice<link to “Why is writing a resume so hard?”>.

Recruiters & organizations at the receiving end too are equally puzzled with various barriers existing that hinder efficient recruitment as the infographic below shows:

Some of this works out in our favor, actually! Points 1, 3 & 4, to be precise, can be leveraged to almost guarantee you get an interview call!

So how do I leverage this?

For starters, you need to demonstrate your eligibility for the position you’re applying to effectively.

We keep hearing of & discussing the intense competition present in the industry - and yet this report states that the biggest problem recruiters & organizations face in the hiring process is the inability to find suitable candidates!

It clearly means that either

  1. Eligible prospective candidates are turning in poor applications, or
  2. Candidates are applying to jobs they’re unsuitable for

In either case, it means if your resume is optimized for the role you’re interested in, there’s a very good chance you’ll get it!

‘Passive talent’ is a term for candidates that are employed & qualified for a role elsewhere, and while they’re not actively looking for a new job, they would consider it. To increase your chances of being found, an optimized Linkedin profile works best!

You can also upload your resume on all relevant portals to be found!

Junk resumes ties in with the first point - in all likelihood they’re completely unqualified candidates just uploading their resumes & applying everywhere desperately.

By getting a professionally-made resume, you can avoid these traps and let your profile shine & be found out easily

So where do I go for help with my resume?

There are various professional resume writing companies that also offer satellite services like Cover Letters, LinkedIn profile optimization, Interview preparation, etc.

Obviously, our first pick is MakeMyResume - their 21 years' experience in HR, Recruitment, and Resume Writing translates to being disruptors in a cutthroat industry.

They have created resumes for 10000+ people in fields as diverse as rocket science and stand-up, and everything in between across 30+ countries, they check all the boxes and more!

They boast a highly personalized process, which has helped their customers land jobs in industry leaders such as Netflix, Deloitte, etc.

They offer a whole gamut of services intended to guarantee that you get an interview at your dream company for your dream role, and ace it too - these include Resumes, Cover Letters, LinkedIn Profile optimization, Interview training, SOPs, etc.

They even have an extensive knowledge repository and provide complimentary materials to aid you in your job search, and have received excellent customer ratings across trusted information services including Google, Justdial and Sulekha.

Other options include

  • Avon Resumes - Their USP is the sheer diversity in terms of resumes provided, ranging from resumes for Defence Force personnel to Political resumes. They even provide samples on their page for some of these types to highlight the differences, along with a vast repository of materials to help you in landing your dream job
  • TopResume - One of the best services out there with over 600000 individuals served, TopResume is a trusted name in the industry. However, it is headquartered in the US, and their charges reflect the same, costing 2x-3x the industry standard for comparable quality.
  • Writrox - One of the newest trusted entrants in the field, Writrox boasts excellent customer ratings and reviews. They offer the three primary services for assisting in your job search, i.e. resumes, Cover Letters & LinkedIn Profiles.

TL;DR - Ensure that your resume is optimized for the role you’re applying to by consulting a professional resume/CV writing service. More than 60% of recruiters & organizations feel they lack qualified candidates to hire and a professionally made resume changes that perception in your case.

There are a variety of options to choose from, primarily MakeMyResume. Other options to consider include Avon Resumes, TopResume & Writrox.

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