How to Compose a Captivating Resume Summary

How to Compose a Captivating Resume Summary

Resume Professional Summary

What's a Resume Summary Statement?

A resume summary statement is a brief list or few sentences at the top of your resume (after your contact information), that highlights your qualifications for a job. Consequently, a resume summary, at a glance, gives your hiring manager a synopsis of your professional qualifications. Basically, it gives the employer a feeler of what you bring to the table.

When writing a resume summary, be sure to include valid information. Moreover, the information included should be concrete and substantiated by evidence in the work experience section. It must convey how you have added value to the companies and aided in the transformation of departments. This will reflect on how you are an asset to any organization you work with.

What to include in a Resume Summary?

Your resume statement is often the first item to be read on your resume, so you want to get to the point. Why should an organization hire you?

In about four sentences, you should be able to highlight your most relevant strengths, skillset and core competencies that are unique to your candidature. In particular, demonstrate how will you add value to the company? Have you saved money for your organization in the past? Did you streamline any administrative processes? Moreover, include relevant skills and experiences that will impress the employer.

Draw emphasis from your resume objective and frame your summary round it. A summary statement should be about approximately about three to five points that talks solely about your professional background. Refrain from addressing any outstanding circumstances like your employment gaps, change of career and personal experiences.

To summarize, you want to include the following in your resume summary-

  • Core strengths and skill sets most relevant to the role
  • Past relevant experience with key functions
  • Notable accomplishments that you intend to repeat in the next role

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