Internship Application - Get Interview Calls with your Resume

Internship Application - Get Interview Calls with your Resume

So you're looking to do an internship to gain some valuable real-world experience but don’t know where to start. Internships are abundant, yet they are difficult to crack without the right earlier experience. You need to figure out Resumes, Interviews, Internship Applications and many more concepts in a relatively short period. We guide you step-by-step through the Internship Application process.

Where to start the Internship Application process

Remember the days when you were a kid and used to go swimming. You won't believe it today, but in those days your first thought is "Where should I start?" Should I first learn to rotate hands or to flip legs, or learn both techniques together? Something similar happens while you enter a new field. Most freshers are unaware of their potential and struggle to understand where to begin with. You needn't worry about the consequences of starting a new thing.

Availability of Internships

Good internships develop your skills and get you ready for your first real job. Internships are abundant now more than ever, but students are either not able to find one matching their skill or don't get a response from the company. For the first problem, you can research openings on sites like Internshala, Lets Intern, Hello Intern and many others, or an internship fair at a college near you. You can tackle the second problem by making a resume which maintains a balance between your skills and the company's requirements.

Companies may not connect with you if they find your resume not complying with the requirements of the organization. You need to be very specific about your skills and area of interest as it should match with the internship they are applying for.

Before applying for an Internship

You know, it's a challenge to get an internship in your dream organization when you don't have enough experience. At the same time, your college is full of students searching for productive internships which helps them explore their area of interest.

When you apply for an internship the only question that arises is what makes you different from others? Most of the students are lacking knowledge about the field they want to work in. But students are unaware of the fact that they get internships not only based on their knowledge but also on their enthusiasm and willingness to explore their area of interest.

An organization gets applications from various colleges with students pursuing the same course and possessing the same knowledge. You need to stand out of others and appear to be the most relevant person for the position of an intern. Every organization knows that freshers lack experience.

How will the company know that you are a relevant person to be offered an internship?

Here your resume comes in

Your resume plays a crucial role while applying for a regional or international internship as it highlights your achievements/USP which makes you look different from others. It not only defines your skills and area of interest but also emphasizes on your working experience, which is usually missing in a students resume.

A good resume focuses on your abilities which comply with the role you are willing to play as an intern. This would not only help you get a call for the internship but may also place you in the right role you deserve.

Methods of applying

You should never directly reach a company's office where you want to work and ask for an internship. Companies follow a standard procedure when it comes to hiring of interns.

You need to keep track of newspapers, internship websites and companies' Facebook pages as they advertise openings on these platforms. When you receive information about an internship that matches your skills, apply there. Now there might be several ways through which companies will test your skills.

Once you mail the resume, you and your fellow applicants might get an assignment to submit. Based on this assignment, companies will shortlist you for an interview.

Called for an interview

It's good news if you are directly called for an interview based on your resume or assignment. It proves that you are – in some way – better than other applicants.

Now there are chances that the company may call you for the interview during your college timings. In these cases, request them to change the timings so that you don't miss your college, as attending college classes is not less important than doing an internship.

What if you get selected

Suppose if you get selected and you are not happy with the role offered, don't take that internship. Before joining, inquire about the position and role that the company is offering. Otherwise, accepting an internship you are not comfortable with will hinder waste your skills, time and energy, and also the time of the company.

Internship application is not one-sided – You need a good internship and companies need a good intern. This symbiosis between companies and interns will ensure that more and more students can learn real-world skills and set them up for success in their career.

You might lack experience, but remember your young mind and healthy spirit is an asset to the company.

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