Interview Do's and Don'ts

Interview Do's and Don'ts

Interview Do's and Don'ts

Your resume has made it through the recruiter’s lens and you’ve landed the interview you so wanted. No way in the world do you want to mess this up. Take note of these simple yet incredibly important things to do and to avoid, and get closer to your dream job!


✓ Dress appropriately. Your clothes must not indicate a casual attitude towards the interview. If you are unsure, simply opt for formals

✓ Personal grooming and cleanliness need to be impeccable

✓ Get good sleep a night before the interview. You don’t want to look lost or tired

✓ Reach the interview location well before time. Take a few minutes to see directions to the place the day before and reach there relaxed

✓ Make sure you get the interviewer’s name and the pronunciation correctly. Use a title (Mr. or Ms.) while addressing them in the conversation

✓ Maintain eye contact throughout the interview. This doesn’t mean you keep staring into the interviewer’s eyes, but it is certainly important.

✓  Listen to the interviewer’s questions patiently. Don’t rush to answer.

✓  Wherever possible, be ready with examples and supporting statements for what you say about yourself and your past experience

✓ Answer in a precise manner. Avoid sharing too much information, unless asked for.

✓ Save your wisecracks for later. It’s good to be pleasant, but you shouldn’t come across as not serious about the interview process

✓ Be thorough with your resume. You must know each detail. This is easy when you cite facts and don’t talk in the air

✓ Go through commonly asked interview questions. You may have prepared these several times, but it’s still advisable to run through them before every interview

✓ Own up to your mistakes. Don’t make excuses to cover the choices you’ve made

✓ Be prepared with insightful questions to ask the interviewer. It is important to understand the role, the values and culture of the organisation before you decide to accept the offer

✓  Research the company, the interviewer, and the opportunity

✓  Make sure you understand the next step in the hiring process. Ask the interviewer if there is no clarity

✓ Remember to smile. Exhibit positive attitude and have a friendly expression.

✓ Make notes of your discussion, for future reference


𐄂 Don’t be late for the interview. In fact, reach 10 minutes prior to the scheduled time

𐄂 Do not carry over sized bags or coats

𐄂 Don’t chew gum or smell of smoke

𐄂 Don’t show signs of anxiety, like tapping your foot, or drumming your fingers. Don’t keep adjusting your clothes, or hair.

𐄂 Don’t slouch. Sit upright in the chair

𐄂 Don’t appear too desperate to get the job. You can express your interest by subtly saying that you look forward to working at the company

𐄂 Don’t go overboard with respect. Use Sir or Ma’am in moderation

𐄂 Don’t falsely state details about past experience or salary

𐄂 Refrain from using slang and phrases. Answer in well-constructed sentences

𐄂 It is absolutely not acceptable to badmouth your present or past employer, or co-workers

𐄂 Do not take phone calls or reply to messages at any point

𐄂 Don’t keep looking at the watch. It may appear as if you want to get done with the interview quickly. Let it progress at its own pace

𐄂 Don’t try to brag or dominate the conversation

𐄂 Don’t talk about compensation and monetary benefits unless interviewer brings it up. If he doesn’t, wait till the hiring process

𐄂 Don't forget to thank the interviewer

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